Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Filmmaker Rodrigo Balseca documents Visual Clave

Here are some great shots New York-based filmmaker Rodrigo Balseca took at the Visual Clave show and opening at the Student Union Art Gallery. He's working, along with a crew of dedicated filmmakers, on a really exciting documentary about "Mr. Salsa" - Izzy Sanabria. Rodrigo came up with two of his crew members and filmed the opening, interviewing artist Charlie Rosario and the performance of Jesús Pagan Y Conjunto Barrio. Charlie Rosario worked with Izzy, and Izzy loaned a number of amazing original artworks - not only from his own hand, but also pieces by people who worked with him, Jorge Vargas and Walter Velez. Rodrigo brings a special eye to the proceedings, taking the images to another level. Enjoy!

The DJ set up, pre-opening!

Students enjoying the show

Charlie Rosario's original sculpture-graphic for Charlie Palmieri's "Electro Duro" LP

Yglesias gives an impromptu lecture to UMass class

Lots of DJs in tha house!

Sudents start piling in!

Izzy's original Rapidograph art for "Hecto-Mania"

After the opening, live music with Jesús Pagan's "Conjunto Barrio" - here we see Charlie Rosario guesting on the mic!

¡Vaya, soneroooo!

¡Dale al timbal!

More cowbell!

Cuero na' ma'

Cuban-American UMass student studies Izzy Sanabria's work

C. Rosario's "Live In Quad" album art ("sculpture-graphics") for Larry Harlow LP

Closeup of Orquesta Cimarrón sculpture by C. Rosario

Charlie Rosario makes friends with UMass students

Rodrigo's film crew

Pablo Yglesias gives impromptu lecture to UMass students

Ghetto Records logo that Izzy adapted from Gil Suarez LP cover

Izzy's Rapidograph of Ray Barretto's band

Izzy does Pupi

Walter Velez and Izzy Sanabria's famous Sonora Ponceña cover

Izzy's autograph on a Mongo LP

Rare alternate version of "Feelin' All Right" cover for Mongo Santamaria by Izzy

Cesta All-Stars by Izzy Sanabria

Talking with Charlie Rosario about Latina-themed LP cover group

Izzy Sanabria's "Jazz Espagnole" cover

Rare Venezuelan colored version of Izzy Sanabria's Alegre All-Stars LP

Charlie Rosario looks at his work

Pablo Yglesias and Charlie Rosario