Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Collages by Charlie Rosario

In addition to being a musician, painter, sculptor, and graphic designer of iconic Latin albums of the 60s & 70s, Puerto-Rican American artist Charlie Rosario is also a fine collagist and photographer with an amazing way of assembling light and shape into pattern that mesmerize. Recently he's been making these incredible cut-ups with photos and pieces of paper that he glues and tapes together in the manner of the later period of Matisse. Most of the imagery that he cuts up are from his own abstract photos done with amazing analog (old-school) effects, made from humble, everyday objects like wire, ashtrays, light bulbs, pieces of metal and the like. What he does with these photos during the collaging process is nothing short of magical, mystical, mercurial. Common themes are geometry, spirals, Caribbean and Meso-American imagery, instruments, faces, masks, and psychedelic dream-scape environments. These images are just a few - I hope to scan and post some more in the near future - meantime check these out. They are, by the way, low resolution scans with a copyright water mark to protect the artist's work. If you are interested in purchasing some originals or reproductions, or licensing art for album covers, let me know through the comments. Thanks, Bongohead.