Monday, September 21, 2009

Rumba Psycodelica Continues

HEYA kitties & cats out there in La La Land. We had so much FUN last month at The Elevens in Northampton, MA, we decided to keep this thing going!! Thanks to DJ George William Meyers aka "Snack Attack" the flame still burns bright. Check it out in the flier above and please feel free to drag it to your desktop and email it to friends. I know it's a late night for some of you (heh-heh), but you can drop by towards the beginning. For all you fans in far away places, we know you will be there in spirit. To all you dancers, vatos locos and go-go gals we saw last time, thank you, and please come with more friends this time. It's going to be wild - light show courtesy of Bell & Howl, plus we will have WMUA's own DJ Andujar, plus me, Bongohead from Latin Night, and some random live percussion. We will be slinging rare vinyl from around the world, with an emphasis on funky and psychedelic Latin and African music of the 60s & 70s, the odd vintage Cuban classic, plus Nuyorican salsa dura, obscure South American cumbia jams, and some old style merengue and Haitian music, plus great contemporary acts out right now that have a sound that fits in with our aesthetic of real music for real people: acts like Quantic, Antibalas, Kokolo, Up, Bustle & Out, Los Chapillacs, Brownout, Grupo Fantasma, Ocote Soul Sounds, Nomo, Spam Allstars, Kaleta, Bio Ritmo, all artists that issue vinyl today; plus various dope reissues of old school cuts from labels like Vampisoul, Soundway, Stones Throw, etc. Hey, record labels, send us your vinyl! If you like the WMUA FM 91.1 radio program "Clandestino" (Mondays, streamed live, or were a fan of my Feel Flows radio show when it aired a few years ago, you will surely DIG RUMBA PSYCODELICA! See you there.