Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The opening party for Visual Clave - candid iPhone shots!

Here are some fun informal iPhone shots of the opening by my colleague, friend (and graphic designer) Moira Greto who was there at the opening last month. Thanks to all of you who made it to the show, from family to Latin Night regulars, FamilyFun colleagues to fellow Shokazoba and Beige band members, faculty to students, radio and music friends, and to all my friends who couldn't make it - no worries, I know you'd have been there if you could have - there will be other opportunities! Many thanks to the gallery staff and volunteers who made it happen, especially Brendan and Paula; to Glenn; and to Jesús and the band. To all my fellow DJs who came and threw down the rare vinyl: Muchas gracias para venir y tocar! Andujar, Bogart, Bosq, Jonathan "Semi-Colon" Goldman, Mike P, and Studebaker Hawk - you will live on in history! — Bongohead

Jesús Pagan & Conjunto Barrio playing at the opening, Cape Cod Lounge

Also, 2 pics of me lecturing to UMass students, by John Solem