Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some mercantile recommendations

Check out one of my favorite record stores: Dynamite Records. You can find them online at www.dynamiterecords.com. They have great vinyl and a whole lot of cool CDs and the staff is very helpfull and knowledgeable. Ronnie the owner is a DJ and is always putting on great events. They also will process orders fast. The Muhammad Ali cover came courtesy Dynamite, and many other covers in my book have come from them.

Another is Dusty Groove. You can find them at www.dustygroove.com. These guys were innovators in the online shopping category way back when and they are still the best for all your grove oriented needs. Great reviews on the site, and the occasional used vinyl treasure. Plus they have hard to find imports too! They are doing a great job selling my book and several CDs/LPs I have worked on over the last few years, muchas gracias. One of the top dudes there, Rick, is an excellent guy - shout out to you my man!

For Latin music online, I also go to descarga.com - very knowledgeable staff, excellent articles, and informative reviews. The owner Bruce is very nice and deserves a lot of respect. You can usually find whatever you neeed for your Latin jones, from CDs to DVDs, even the odd cutout or sealed vinyl from time to time.


One of the best record labels around - they do vinyl!! - is Vampisoul over in Madrid. The folks there have put out some GREAT funk, soul, Latin, jazz, afrobeat, and garage rock over the years. Make sure to visit their site at www.vampisoul.com!!!!! [full disclosure - we work together on various projects from time to time:)]

I am also partial to The Rough Guide series of CDs - really great overviews of music from around the world. Check them out at www.worldmusic.net - they also have several other labels like Introducing, Riverboat, and Think Global. A lot of fun. They are affiliated with the music guide books of the same name, and are in the same general umbrella as the travel guides. It was a dream come true to be able to work with them on a bunch of CDs. Plus, the people there are super nice and very hip!

Plus, if you are ever in Amherst, MA - make sure to fall by one of the hippest and best-priced vinyl & CD stores in the area: Mystery Train Records. Josh, Cynthia, and Bredan will be there to help you with all your obsessions, from used DVDs & videos to books, records & CDs. A VERY cool place! Located at 12 N Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002 - phone: (413) 253-4776